Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recordings are finished!! Hooray~!

Well folks, it finally has happened!!  The final tracks of my long awaited EP, Don't Look Back, was recorded today!! Hooray!!  A two year process has reached its conclusion, and all that is left to do is mix and master.  Then it will be sent off to the presses.

I want to thank all of the wonderfully talented musicians who contributed to the recordings.  The final line up is:

Patricia Silverberg--vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
David Searle--electric guitar, bass, keyboards (David also engineered, mixed, and co-produced)
Annie Moscow--keyboards, background vocals
Mary Godfrey-bass
Mary Minini--keyboards
Anne James--harmonica
Henri Benard--drums
Will Bradford-drums
Patty Rutkoff-Arnold--flute

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just a little update

Hi Folks!!

Been a while since I have blogged.  I really not convinced people read this anyway . . .

Anyway, the knew EP is slowly but surely making its way in the world.  I have been battling Valley Fever and taking things slow.  It is also summer here in Phoenix--and I  am in hibernation mode.  Nonetheless, 90% of the tracks have been laid down--meaning most instruments and vocals have been recorded.  I have been working closely with David Searle, the magic behind Green World get things grooving.  I had an amazing photo shot with Justine you can see the results on the photo page of my web site:  I also selected a CD manufacturer and a graphic artist.  I also will probably an intern to launch major radio campaign, so life is good.

I have cut down on gigs for a few reasons.  I have posted a few local ones on my site and been asked to perform in places like Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles. So we shall see what the future brings. 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Patricia Silverberg on the Radio

Hey folks!!

While I am putting the final touches on my new EP, I have been also working getting radio for the 1st single of the new album, Tell Me Again and my 1st CD, As Simple as it Seems.

Just in the last two weeks, I have been played or added to the following radio stations:
  • "Give Me Light" was spun on The Wimmins Show hosted by Deb Anderson on KZUM--89.3 FM from Lincoln, NE. My song was played on the same live show with such greats as Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Beth Orton, and Cassandra Wilson.
  • Tell Me Again closed  theRadio Crystal Blue's  5/19 broadcast.  Tune in to hear the podcast at .
  • Several of my songs from Simple as it Seems are now in regular rotation on -- the 24/7 Internet radio station dedicated to preserving folk, Americana, and Indie music from Arizona and beyond. 
Whoo-hoo!~~Play on!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Benefit for Joe Bethancourt

Hi Friends,

Please consider heading down to Fiddler's Dream next Saturday, May 14th  from 1 - 4 PM.  The Arizona folk community is raising funds for our friend,  Joe Bethancourt.  Joe's house caught on fire, and  it has been deemed uninhabitable.  Joe has been a great supportor of both me and my music, and he has graciously appeared at several benefits I organized.  He is also slated to perform on my upcoming EP.

There will be lots of acts on the bill, and I hit the stage around 3:00 PM.

If you cannot make it to the show and would like to donate,  make a check out to Joe Bethancourt and send it to AMAZ Radio.  

AMAZ Radio
P.O. Box 1554
Queen Creek, Arizona 85142

For, credit card/Paypal donations, go to

Hope to see ya there!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arizona Singers Raise their Voices to Raise Funds for Singers Nation-Wide

Arizona folk singers gather to help singers across the nation. On Saturday, February 26, 2011, Patricia Silverberg, Mary Godfrey, Joe Bethancourt, Terry and Diane McCabe, and duo Jess Hawk Oakenstar and Kate deLaPointe (otherwise known as Wayward Maggie) take part in a benefit show for Society of Singers (SOS)—a non-profit dedicated to assisting professional singers across the country and across all genres. This wonderful life saving organization is struggling to keep its doors open and struggling to provide services such as rental and medical assistance to those in grave need.

Patricia Silverberg, the benefit organizer states, “Society of Singers was there for me when it seemed the whole world turned its back. Even with two Master’s degrees, I was out of work for a year. SOS not only provided rental assistance, but also lots of personalized attention. I wasn’t a faceless, nameless welfare case. It is time to pay it forward and help them continue to help others.”

The benefit takes place Saturday, February 26, 2011 at Fiddler's Dream, 1702 E. Glendale Ave, Phoenix. Doors open at 7 PM. Suggested donation is $10. The benefit features an autographed CD raffle, including those CDs donated by famous folk singers such as Natalie Merchant, The Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Janis Ian, and Holly Near.

For more information on Society of Singers please visit