Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recordings are finished!! Hooray~!

Well folks, it finally has happened!!  The final tracks of my long awaited EP, Don't Look Back, was recorded today!! Hooray!!  A two year process has reached its conclusion, and all that is left to do is mix and master.  Then it will be sent off to the presses.

I want to thank all of the wonderfully talented musicians who contributed to the recordings.  The final line up is:

Patricia Silverberg--vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
David Searle--electric guitar, bass, keyboards (David also engineered, mixed, and co-produced)
Annie Moscow--keyboards, background vocals
Mary Godfrey-bass
Mary Minini--keyboards
Anne James--harmonica
Henri Benard--drums
Will Bradford-drums
Patty Rutkoff-Arnold--flute

Hip Hip Hooray!!