Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reviews and Interview!

Hi Folks,

My little EP, Don't Look Back, is making its little way in the world.

Here are links to recent reviews and a copy of my interview with Thyck Dolls Magazine.

Here is a short but sweet review from a Songwriters Best online magazine:

Here is a cool review from Blues Bytes online mag:

Finally, here is a copy of my interview from Thyck Dolls:

At what age did you discover you love for this art form? 
I started playing the guitar when I was just 5 years old.
Who were your major influences in developing your craft?
My major songwriting influences are Natalie Merchant, Suzanne Vega, Sarah McLachlan, Pete Townsend, and even a little bit of Andrew Lloyd Weber.  In terms of singing and performing, a big influence is Odetta.
When did you realize that you really had something to offer as an artist?
Wow, that’s a tough question to answer.  As all artists, I go through periods of self-doubt.  Even though, I have been playing since I was five and performing since 2003, I would I haven’t felt that I have come into my own as an artist until the release of my latest EP, Don’t Look Back, which came out this past April.  I am realizing I have a unique and original style.  I not only write the lyrics and music, but I also play an instrument and sing. I take risks to present my own view of the world in my own voice.
What made you realize that you want to do this as a career instead of a hobby?
The defining point was performing in front of 3,000 people in Flagstaff, AZ back in 2003. I felt a sense of belonging and acceptance.
How did you feel the first time that you got on stage in front of a crowd?
My first show was at a small folk festival—I was terrified.  I remember sitting down hunched over my guitar and mumbling my lyrics—it is rather funny looking back at that.
What can people expect from you when they come to see you perform live?
I like to think I am personable on stage and pay attention to the audience by asking questions and telling stories. I try to make it an intimate performance.  I hope I present songs that people can relate to on a soul level, and I hope I get them to think and reflect about how life really is as opposed to what society thinks it should be.  I also want to let people they are not alone and others feel the way they do.
If there were anybody in the industry that you could work with who would it be and why?
I would love to have a chance to work with Suzanne Vega. We have been corresponding over social media for a while, and she has always been so warm and gracious. I briefly met her when she was in town for a show.  We both grew up in the inner cities of NYC and faced a lot of challenges.  Incidentally, we both have academic degrees in same fields.  I feel a special connection to her as a person.  Her music has a unique artistry—she isn’t afraid to take risks and not bend to the trends of the industry.  She’s a great musician and lyricist.
What’s next for you as an artist?
With the release of the EP back in April, I am working on building my audience.  I am focusing on radio play and getting reviews.  I am not performing as much locally in order to concentrate on those efforts. I hope raise awareness of my artistry.
What makes you stand out from the other artists in your chosen genre?
I think the biggest aspect of my work that makes me stand out is that I take risks. I don’t cow-tow to what is trendy or write about what life should be—I don’t write the average silly love song.  I write from the hear t and about life. The opening song on my EP is about leaving the violence of the ghetto. The next song is about comforting someone who is being bullied. I am now working on a song about homelessness.  I work extremely hard, and I am also willing to learn and grow as an artist. I also treat all the artists I work with as equals and work towards creating positive working relationships.
Where can people go to check you out and/or purchase your work?
To learn about me you can visit  My music is available on CDBaby, plus the normal digital distributors like iTunes and Amazon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

EP Update and some info on Valley Fever

 Hi friends,

Just today, I received the master copy of my new EP, Don't Look Back.  As you may know, this project has taken two years to complete.   This has been no small task as I have been dealing with the disseminated form of Valley Fever (Cocodiomycosis)-- a serious fungal diease that  has affected my whole body.  While the infection has finally cleared, and  I gaining strength and energy, I am left with a lot of pain.  I have had to stop performing for now.  Here is some info for you to read about the disease:
While I am not performing (except for a short set at this year's Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival) ,  I am still actively working on my music. With the release of the new EP, I am undertaking a national radio campaign with the intention of growing my audience.  

The hard-copy of the EP will be available online in about 8 weeks and in digital form on iTunes shortly after that.  I will be posting MP3s on my web site soon for you to preview and will be creating a multimedia interactive presentation to launch the EP.  

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you at the Glendale Folk Festival.  I'll be playing on March 25 on the Adobe Stage at 10:30 am.