Sunday, March 18, 2012

EP Update and some info on Valley Fever

 Hi friends,

Just today, I received the master copy of my new EP, Don't Look Back.  As you may know, this project has taken two years to complete.   This has been no small task as I have been dealing with the disseminated form of Valley Fever (Cocodiomycosis)-- a serious fungal diease that  has affected my whole body.  While the infection has finally cleared, and  I gaining strength and energy, I am left with a lot of pain.  I have had to stop performing for now.  Here is some info for you to read about the disease:
While I am not performing (except for a short set at this year's Glendale Folk and Heritage Festival) ,  I am still actively working on my music. With the release of the new EP, I am undertaking a national radio campaign with the intention of growing my audience.  

The hard-copy of the EP will be available online in about 8 weeks and in digital form on iTunes shortly after that.  I will be posting MP3s on my web site soon for you to preview and will be creating a multimedia interactive presentation to launch the EP.  

Thanks for reading. I hope to see you at the Glendale Folk Festival.  I'll be playing on March 25 on the Adobe Stage at 10:30 am.